Thoughts about blog and cycle touring

For the third consecutive year, I've devoted my summers to life on the road by bicycle. The freedom and simple beauty of such travel is too good to pass up. I have crossed the United States and Europe discovering an intense young man with a streak of stubbornness and allure to live dreams and tell stories about them. Now at a healthy 31 years of age, a superabundance of energy sends me pedaling into Alaska's rugged edge of society to seek conversation with the wild. Through the blog, writings, photos and maps I hope to document my travels respectively in an effort to teach by example, the necessity of living out one's beliefs. Longing to account with clarity the inevitable reflection of the larger subject of Alaska, I've temporarily traded my comfortable life on the East Coast to explore footloose and free the inner country of our souls. God Bless America. Mile 134, Day 2, June 9, 2010, Denali, AK.


  1. George,

    We met in Nenana over breakfast. Thank you for your card and blog address. I enjoyed our conversation and the flourish of maps and photos. You're on your way.

    Jack R.

  2. Greetings from my part of our world,

    It is good to hear that you are venturing into a very bold new tour. The wilds of "civilization" are easy compared to the new wilds facing you now. Bears are not for hugging and moose are not petting. You are doing what I have thought about and have truly feared doing. God will bless and guide you through whatever faces you all ahead. Trust in Him and He will provide. Note that I did not say that He will make it will easy however. Keep in touch...