Alaskan hospitality.

The best stop between Fairbanks and Whittier is a wood cabin lodge about 20 miles south of Anchorage called The Indian House. I will never forget the time I spent here playing guitar with the house band and camping in a teepee. The party began as soon as I entered to meet John, a 39 year old Alaska driller and frequent patron who was sat across the bar with intricate sleeve tattoos stretched down both arms. Between him and I, Jeff eared the regard as the best bartender between here and Fairbanks. I ask for an order of Jeff's Special, 'A medley of vegetables and Alaska shrimp over brown rice' and my stomach thanked me. A conversation unfolded about Ryan's new .45 handgun. He was checking with John about maintenance. 'Well, first of all you want to make sure it's unloaded', John said. He's a big boy fed on bear and beer. The boys went out back to inspect the new toy and I was left at the bar alone while the Lakers and Celtics play in the playoffs. The sun doesn't completely set up here so I cant really say what time I finally fell asleep in the teepee.

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  1. George, we met at the bakery in Girdwood on your way south. I hope you survived the nasty headwinds at the end of Turnagain Arm. The following day after you left, there was a front page article in the paper about a cyclist attacked by bear- I was glad to find out it wasn't a guy from Virginia!