A blog post from Icefield Centre at Sunwapta Pass, Elevation +6,000ft

Dear friends and family, I am writing to notify you that the bicycle and I are in great shape and spirits here in Jasper/Banff National Parks, Canada. Internet access is difficult to come by as it can be days between services and amenities such as running water and electricity. Here I have found an extraordinary place whose beauty remains untouched from the days when native peoples first inhabited the mountains. On July 1st I am planning to be back in Jasper town center for my 31st birthday and to celebrate Canada's Independence Day. I expect to make a significant update to the blog photos and videos at that time as I can't wait to share with you my experience in this magical place. God Bless.

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  1. Hey George, Happy Birthday from Hans and his swiss Guests, remember meet you at the Icefield Center Cafeteria. Have a great Canada Day and continue your trip safely.
    Hans Mayrhofer