First Entry: Alaska's Route 3 South

100 miles out of Fairbanks, the highway begins to climb into the Alaska Range. With each pedal I draw closer to the summits of the highest mountain range in North America. In abundance is precisely what I am seeking; the grip of the wilderness, the allure of adventurous activity, the privilege to wander. But I entertain no illusions; the Alaska wild is not for dreamers . The 420 miles from Fairbanks to Whittier harbors more then it's share of bear, caribou, moose and I spotted my first grey wolf today. Wolves are social animals, traveling in packs of up to 30. Today we were alone. Strapped to my handlebar just beside my brake lever is a canister of bear mace. Aside from the bicycle's hum of kevlar tires on this smooth paved shoulder, a vast silence reigns over the land. The low Kantishna plain surrenders to me Alaska's Route 3- The George Parks Highway. Mile 63, Day 1, June 7, 2010. Nenana, AK.

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  1. looking forward to your updates. justification is hard to read