Q: You must be rich? A: Yes, this experience is priceless.

I am often asked how I manage to afford this third long distance bicycle tour. Life takes creative accounting, and cycle touring is an inexpensive way to travel I reply. A two month leave without pay requires a bit of financial planning around 10 months of annual salary. I work two jobs; one as an intern architect and second as adjunct faculty at Virginia Tech. In addition, two gigs with my band provides extra pocket change each month. I also pursue freelance graphic and web design work and put my condo up for rent when I am away. A tourist in Denali said, 'You must be rich'. I replied, 'Yes, this experience is priceless'. I later came to estimate that her 2 week Alaska 'Cruise America' RV will likely cost more for the rental and fuel then my 2 month tour by bicycle. For the record, to put a number on it, a safe cost estimate for bicycle touring is approximately one dollar per mile.

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  1. Great to meet you in Yakutat George! I wish you the best on your journey, but know already it will be an amazing experience for you! You've got the right attitude, and thats where it all begins! I really respect and appreciate what you are doing! We'll have to keep in touch and I'll let you know how my plans transpire! You'll have to hit my blog sometime when you have a nice break! Take care bro! Sending you even more determination on those long hard days!