Cycling Jasper/ Banff National Parks

I can imagine myself staying here for a very long time. A small town on the crossroads of two Canadian National Parks, Jasper is the North entry of what is regarded by many cyclists as the most beautiful road in the world. I have met Dutch, Japanese and Spanish tourists who have come from across the world to see this road. From Jasper, I follow two lanes of asphalt meandering somewhere between heaven and Earth en route to Lake Louise. I am excited to to find a place where nature still exists as the explorers first discovered. Here, sublime mountains rise to +10,000ft. Upon them hang crystal blue glaciers balanced between sharp rock mountain passes. As they melt, cold waters of the most recent rain join to flow into creeks and rivers of uncharted canyons. I would not have made a point to visit had my sister's father-in-law not spoken so highly of this place. Something told me I had to experience it while I was in the neighborhood. Having been here, I can now echo Simbetheros' words; Jasper, Alberta Canada is like living a dream.

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  1. You got that right! Even on a Triumph! Cheers and have a safe and enjoyable trip.

    Neil H.