Northern California was entered 2 days ago as we bid farewell to an amazing trip down Oregon. Within the first few miles redwoods began appearing in the landscape. It makes me wonder if their location impacted the creation of the state lines. As many times as I have seen these giants, the groves of ancient forest still are as enchanting as they were when I first witnessed them 10 years ago. George and I decided to pedal far that day stopping for lunch in Crescent City. After lunch we climbed the coast 1200 feet into Redwood National Park. On top of the ridge we stopped to catch our breath and rest for a moment. The trees reached tall enough that the very tops of them were able to penetrate the thick fog that follows us down the coast. In virgin redwood forests much of the understory trees are choked eventually by the dense shade produced by the canopy of larger trees above. Moss and ferns thrive in these conditions and blanket the earth between the monolithic pillars of wood. The branches of redwood do not begin till hundreds of feet up in the air producing a open view through the forest and a space distinct to any other forests I have ever visited. At this time fog filled most the void as the setting sun pierced through at any given chance. It is beautiful yet eery. We descend the ridge along the coast. I stop to view the ocean for a moment and continue down to find George with a flat. We take 20 minutes to fix it and continue on our way to the mouth of the Klamuth river. I catch a glimpse of surfers for the first time since we began. Still looks difficult as I remember trying with my friend Devin a number of years ago. We pass through an Indian reservation and ascend a second ridge. This time the hill is really tiring and I am drenched with sweat as we reach the summit. We our rewarded for our efforts though. The next 7 miles of downhill riding was one of the most beautiful in my life. Deep in the forest the road winds downhill as ancient trees as wide my row house apartment close around us. At the bottom of the hill is our campground. Prairie Creek will be a good place to revisit one day. [B. Bolen]


  1. sounds beautiful... would like to see it sometime.
    Heather (your sis)

  2. You'll have to be our tour guide and we can all visit (in cars of course for us wimps). We are happy you made it to the finish line safe and sound. WAY TO GO!! Proud sis #3, Tina