About the bike gear I come to rely on.

This is the bike I have come to rely on. I trust and invest in my bicycle for a safe and comfortable trip. At the center of the ride is a steel frame Soma (in Greek, Soma means body). The model is called 'Groove'. The Cross-Max Titanium wheel set and Specialized Kevlar tires engage the road with not a single flat tire, ever. Braking, shifting and drivetrain components are Shimano XTR. Held to the frame by 2 Old Man Mountain aluminum rack systems are 4 Ortlieb dry bags to carry the gear. Each bag serves a purpose; front left, food/ supplies, front right; sleeping bag, rear right; clothing, rear left, laptop and electronics. My MacBook Pro travel companion is the instrument with which I compose the digital narrative of writings, video and photographic means. To best relay the places I am experiencing, I document the ride with my computer and find that the limit is my imagination. Time to travel by bicycle and document by computer is the balance I am looking for out here.


  1. This is one of the most inspiring blogs I have come across! AWESOME TRIP.

  2. Amazing trip inspiring to all traveler like me. i love to comment this blog. nice photos videos etc.