Using social media to update and educate followers. The mission is not so much for glory as it is about raising awareness for the importance of taking an adventure and telling the story of the trip. One aspect of the story telling includes sharing the experience on this blog. After each 6 hour day's ride balanced on a shoulder often 1 foot wide and pedaling two wheels loaded with 100lbs of gear, I log into the blog or jot experiences in my moleskin sketchpad. These blog writings, posted photographs and narrated youtube videos open windows into the world of traveling by bicycle. They also let me record and remember the events that continue to shape my life so that I know I have had a direct impact on it's course. Documenting the travel is just as hard as the ride itself. The intense headwinds are the biggest hindrance on the road, howling at +25 miles per hour and kicking up dangerous dust. Back on the computer, coming up with a blog entry or photographic collage can often be just as challenging. I hope the followers are enjoying the effort. [G. Makrinos]


  1. I've enjoyed reading about your adventures and looking at the pictures. I'm glad it is going so well.

  2. Great photos. The sand dune shots are amazing, and the shot of Leo on the train tells its own story. I wish that I could have stayed on a little longer.

    Already waiting for next year's trip...