What do you eat on a typical riding day?

You are what you eat and while cycle touring, one of the singular aspects of attention is paid to diet. I find that I feel and perform better with a responsible understanding of the needs of my body. Here is what I expect to consume on a 60 mile day;

8:30 Breakfast, 0 miles: 3 egg omelet, 2 slices wheat toast, 1 serving hash brown potatos, 2 glasses water, 2 cups coffee, 2 fish oil supplements.
12:00 Brunch, 20 miles: 1 banana, 1 orange, 1 clif bar, 2 glucosamine supplements.
15:30 Late Lunch, 40 miles: 1 banana, 1 orange, 1 Snickers, pretzels.
18:00 Dinner, 60 miles: 1 salad, 1 lasagna, desert and beer

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  1. Hey George..
    This years solstice will be one i remember for
    many years what a great time and wicked start to
    summer my friend. It started with breakfast
    thanks Brotha