The evolution of a bicycle traveler.

This is my fourth bicycle tour measuring more then 2,000 miles. Each ride has taught me lessons about the balance between carrying too much gear and having just enough stuff to travel comfortably. As far as clothes are concerned, a good rule of thumb is to try to wash once per week. Three sets of riding clothes can last 2-3 days each. While off the bike, two sets of clothes are sufficient. In addition I carry waterproof rain gear, gloves and hat for colder conditions. When it comes time to camp, I am carrying a lightweight 2-man tent to keep me and my gear dry in the event of rain. An inflatable sleeping pad provides a soft surface and thermal buffer from the cold ground. A down fabric sleeping bag keeps me warm up to -20'C. All this gear and more is carried in 4 waterproof pannier bags. Bicycle touring is an art form perfected with each attempt.

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  1. hey buddy! you were missed this past weekend. Hope you were able to celebrate somehow. Keep it going my man!